Sunday, August 15, 2010


Entry ni mama yang tulis...sebab tu lah dlm BM he he

Last week kakak & Sam buat jualan air Lemonade...saja diaorg nak cari duit poket...mama just sediakan tempat je...lain2 semua kakak & sam yang buat...Mak Sam pulak (Nicky) tolong bawak diaorg beli barang...

kata Nicky saja nak ajar diaorg bukan senang nak dapat duit...setelah berpenat lelah seharian dapatlah untung $6...dapatlah $3 seorang...duit tu tak penting...yang penting pengalaman & menghargai duit hasil titik peluh sendiri (tak berpeluh pun kat sini)....

kakak & Sam (belakang tu Nicky)
Sokongan...adik Sam (Lian) tolong beli jugak
Promosi tepi jalan
Lemonade lemonade....1 cup 50 cent
Cian...tak de org lalu

Saturday, August 14, 2010


Oh my god it's too tired to fast . HEMM hen are we gonna eat ?


we went to mount of ruapeahu !!!

Arif and me
My dad's hand and me
Sky Lift

Last few weeks we went to mount Ruapehu , to watch snow. Arif and I played with the snow. It was freezing and it caused all your hand and your leg to get hurt. Then my dad paid 60 dollars to go up to the top. It was so fun but so scary when you jumped into the moving the chair lift and it lifted you up till the top.

And when we arrived at the top we had our lunch because we were too hungry . After that we played and took pictures. Then we had to leave the place before dark. We went down at 3.30 pm and we reached our hotel by Maghrib. We had our dinner and went straight to bed then in the morning we go back home.